Sporty Elegant

November 24, 2014

sporty elegant

22 Octobre (SOGO INDONESIA) Shirt-Dress and Cardigan | Valentino Shoes | Coach Bag

Sporty look is not always about the sneaker and hoodie. I am not a fan of sporty pieces, as you already know, I am the feminine-poise-elegant person. So this is how I put a little sporty feeling to an elegant look. Shirt-Dress will be on trend in 2015, as I’ve seen a lot of them on the runway. I love how it creates a smart casual looking outfit without looking too formal. Still playing in the same shades, the darker blue cardigan is the main accessory of this sporty-elegant look. It depends on how you want to style it, tying your outer on your waist is the major trend this year and people love it! You can wrap them around your jeans, skirt, or dress. It gives a very playful feeling and look.

A lot of you might wonder the brand that I am wearing in this article. It is 22 Octobre which available in the most famous department store in Indonesia, SOGO Plaza Senayan!  Since the online world is developing very rapidly, I always do everything from my laptop / phone. I miss the euphoria of doing the real shopping in malls until I realise that SOGO carries a lot of high-end brands! It is hard to find these kind of brands in Indonesia, if you are the type of person who search for quality and sophistication, these brands are the perfect for your choice!

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