January 8, 2017

The definition of success differs for each person. For me personally, I define success not through the amount of money earned each month or the exotic places visited each year. I define success the moment people have the courage to pursue their dreams. I think success is not a point or an event. It is a process.

I am not an expert, but I always think that I want to share the things I encountered in my life; and pursing dream is one of them. I can speak from my own experience that the starting part is the hardest part. The starting part is usually not today. It is usually tomorrow. “Tomorrow I will start writing. Tomorrow I will start my own business. Tomorrow I will start applying to MBA program.” It is always tomorrow.

So as a new year begins, let’s start by taking the first step – and here are three ways to do it.


It is important to set your heart firmly; but before that, you have to know where your heart is. It is called awareness. Hold an image of where or how you feel most alive. Is it while holding a camera in your hand? Is it when you are writing? Is it when you are building a business? And then envision it as where you want to be: doing the things that you love most while feeling happier, richer, and in love with life.


Not everything is perfect, especially during the beginning phase. There might be time and money constraint. But to win, you have to begin. So start mapping out the hindrance and opportunities you have right now, and take practical steps. Take initiative. There is a saying that if you don’t see the door to your success, build the door yourself by taking actions in the direct pursuit of your goals. The key is to be practical.


After knowing how to do it practically, the next part is to push through any habits of laziness or doubtful thinking. Doubt is dangerous; but laziness is treacherous. There is a reason why sloth is named as one of the deadly sin. I understand how difficult it is to follow through so one way to do this is to share your goals with someone you love and look up to, that can motivate you to stay on track.

Great successes comes from trying and working hard. You have to take courageous steps, but once you are in it, it will be even better than you ever imagined. So as we enter a new year, I hope you can nurture your dream and actually see it come true this year.


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  1. It may sound weird but reading this blog post today seems a coincidence since I myself have been feeling a bit low and lost in digging the goal inside of me. Thank you, Ms. Olivia for this inspiring BLOG. Hoping to a wonderful year ahead for us. ♥

    lots of love,
    Kim A.