June 1, 2016

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H&M turtleneck & skirt | Zara coat  | ASOS boots | Coach bag

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The top of my bucket list for this trip was DisneySea Tokyo. Even tough we were in Japan for 10 days, it was so hard to find the right time to go there. But alas, if there is a will there is a way. So after we concluded all of our pre-wedding necessities, we decided to visit the magical land where dreams can come true. DisneySea here we come!

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The theme park is one of the best in the world and it will bring out the child in you.

I decided to wear something grey with a touch of floral, just to balance the rainbow of colour in the theme park. Love, love, love, my dark grey turtleneck knit under the floral cape! And I paired it with fur skirt, leggings and boots to give some texture on my overall look.

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I’ve always had a fascination with Minnie Mouse, and when I saw this cute pink ribbon headband on the souvenir cart. I just could not resist the urge to have it. So today, I am Minnie.

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I kept seeing people carrying Disney characters container. The one that struck me most was the Mickey Mouse container. Do you know what it’s for? Because at first I didn’t! I thought it was a cute pouch from the souvenir shop. It is…. a popcorn bag. I know right. I was shocked too, hahaha!

So they have many popcorn stalls and flavours scattered around the park. And each one have a different character. We search the whole park to find the Mickey Mouse stall. It was like a little scavenger hunt. After about half an hour of walking, we found it! To my surprise it was the curry flavoured popcorn. Ughh, not really my cup of tea. I’m more of a butter or caramel type.

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Kalvin tricked me into riding one of the scarier rides. By the time I noticed, there were too many people queuing behind me to escape. I should’ve seen the warning signs! Gosh, it was so nerve wrecking just waiting in line. I hated all things high and fast and spinning. I like my two feet on the ground, thank you very much.

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The weather took a turn for the worst. It started pouring heavily and our fun was cut short. To be honest, I was a bit sad because there were so many rides that we wanted to go to and places to explore. I should’ve checked the weather forecast beforehand.

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We grabbed a quick dinner and saw a theatrical show. Although it was raining, we took lot of beautiful pictures under the sparkling lights. My knitwear and outwear did their job to keep me warm!

To sum it up, it was definitely a fun and tiring day. Dreams do come true!



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