Working Attire

November 26, 2014

working attire working attire

Heiress Shirt | Monroe Skirt | Fendi Bag | Zara Shoes | Balenciaga Bracelet

Working Attire can be a bit boring sometimes as you wear the same style almost everyday. I know it depends on each occupation, some of you might not need to dress up formally to the office. I used to work in a branding consultant company as a graphic designer so I can wear anything that I like. You will definitely look weird wearing a formal outfit to the office. As I am working for myself, I don’t really dress up in working attire. Well, I can still wear this kind of look anytime I want so here is how I wear a loose shirt and a pencil skirt. Smart-looking outfit will always makes you look professional!

working attire working attire working attire working attire


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