April 30, 2017

Sundays are the official day to feel nothing but happiness. Some people might shudder Sundays because Sundays mean less than 24 hours before Mondays. But personally, Sundays mean tightening my circle and enjoying the day with only my bests.

So today, I can’t think of anything better than sharing the small things that actually make my day – without going overboard like a road trip in Europe or flying First Class to Maldives. I am talking about tiny, tiny things that I sometimes overlook – and now is the perfect time to rejoice and be grateful for these small things. Let’s see.

1. Waking up with no alarm. Sleeping has been such a precious thing recently, especially with my overseas schedule and working hour – so if you ask me what true luxury is, it would be sleeping in.

2. When my favorite song is on the radio. It is such a random thing that makes my day.

3. Finding money in my pocket. Like, who doesn’t?

4. Cuddling with Kalvin while talking about super random things. About life. About love. About pizza. Anything.

5. Long, warm bath after a super busy day. Bathing to me is like a therapy. It is when I get some peace and quiet so I can relieve stress and give my brain some space.

6. A car drive in the rain. Putting aside the annoying factor of bad traffic, I love a car drive in the rain.

7. When I finally see Chanel. Chanel, my dog, is now living in my parents’ house so a lot of times I miss her so much. Her, and her precious face when she gets super excited seeing me.

8. When my food comes at a restaurant. Food for life, people.

9. Receiving a text from someone I have been waiting for. Be it from clients or Kalvin, receiving an anticipated text is always nice.

10. Stretching and yawning with my whole body in the morning.

11. Tieing my hair up and changing my clothes into pajamas. It’s like: I can finally be ugly in peace. And oh, bras off, of course.

12. Getting unexpected compliments from random strangers. As simple as “You look good today” can go a long way.

13. Crossing off my bucket list. Like countries I wanted to visit or buying things I have always wanted.

14. Laughing out loud. It keeps me feeling young.

15. Making up with someone I care about after a fight. Sometimes I do stupid things. Sometimes people do stupid things. But at the end of the day, the feeling that we know we are there for each other no matter what, it makes my day.


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