December 3, 2017

Unhappiness comes in a huge array. There are days when you just wake up grouchy. There are days when bad things just happen. To some people, they basically are lack of joy. Today, I make out a list of 25 things that bring me instant joy – and lead my life towards beautiful things.

1.Waking up next to Kalvin.

2.When I realize that I am healthy. Sometimes I take it for granted.

3.When it’s raining and I have no strict schedule for the day.

4.A date night with Kalvin.

5.Have a quality time with my closest friends.

6.Shrinking acne.

7.Finish off a project flawlessly.

8.Meet new people.

9.Make new friends.

10.Meet old friends.

11.Travel to new places.

12.Do acts of random kindness.

13.Ice cream. Gelato. Frozen yogurt.

14.Have enough sleep.


16.Get a package.

17.Distance myself from negative people.

18.Get a haircut.

19.Listen to a Christmas album.

20.Realize that Christmas is just a few weeks away.

21.Grocery shopping.

22.Eat healthy food.

23.Improve my knowledge in different areas.

24.Take pictures.



Photo by Sharon Angelia

Makeup by Maya Fernandez

Styled by Rhea Revren

Wardrobe by Lily Jean

Rings by Millie Savage


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