January 23, 2019


Human is designed to be a follower. That is why people like to follow things that are currently trending. Whether it’s famous food, trendy style, trendy cafes. And that’s normal. Other than that, a human is also naturally people pleasers, so we want to fit in. People often scared to be different, they copied other people’s opinion, character, hobby, job, or style. They shaped their lives in social media to look a certain way, or to look like everyone else’s. Sometimes for us women, there is a pressure to dress up in a certain way to be noticed. In school, there’s a pressure to be a member of the coolest girl group. In the family, there’s a pressure to have the best career amongst all siblings/cousins, or else you’ll get compared. Often times we deny ourselves to fit in, slowly we are becoming to be someone else, and that’s exhausting.

People don’t want to look different from society’s criteria or not fit the image of success. Back then I can change the way I talk to meet the standard of a particular group. If they talk bad about other people, I will do the same. So they can see me as their new allies. Isn’t that sad? Living in a world where nowadays “image” is the most important thing of all, we have to be extra careful. Don’t prioritize the wrong things or else it will lead to self-destruction. If you can’t afford a bag that is too expensive, don’t buy it just because you are trying to fit in.

Always listen to your heart, not what other people say. Have your own value. Follow your own dreams, not what the society tells you to do. Think about what matters to you, not what people think about you. Other people’s opinion should not define who you are. Always thrive to be the “better you” every day, to always be transparent and real to yourself. It is one of the most powerful ways to love ourselves.


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