May 20, 2016

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Chloe bag | Prada eyewear | NIKKIE top | H&M outerwear & skirt | ASOS boots | Empress Box accessories

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On our 5th day, we decided to explore the most popular nightlight spot in Tokyo, Roponggi. As we got out of our train station, we accidentally stumbled upon a very popular ramen franchise called ‘Ichiran Ramen’. Our eyes lit up like a kid seeing candy. I had heard about this place from all my friends and had the deepest craving since I arrived. (For those who don’t know, I am a huge ramen lover.) Actually on our first day, we visited the Shinjuku branch for dinner. But we gave up on it because the line was ridiculously long! It was like lining up for the latest iPhone release.

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Luckily there was no queue here. We had to decipher the menu from the vending machine, and once we had it sorted out, we went straight inside for our long awaited bowl of goodness. Since I’m not a food blogger, I’ll just cut right to the chase. It was the most amazing ramen I have ever eaten! No jokes. The flavour is just amazing. Definitely a must-go-to place when you are in Japan. I will definitely come back again for this. Just writing about this makes me crave for Ichiran!!

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My sacred eating spot in Ichiran Ramen. Zen time with the bowl from heaven!

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We found this cute pet shop in Roponggi. The pet shop is so clean and well maintained. And the dog is so cute! I want to take it home with me. I hope Chanel is not jealous.

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Hiding under the big fluffy bear. Cuteness overload.

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I just can’t.. no, have to resist. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

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I’m going for monochrome look today. All white with a black knee-high boots. I love how the white turtleneck and square printed skirts goes together. The red shoulder bag from Chloe adds the dash of colour, and a statement sunglasses to give a little spark on my overall look. I really love the silhouette of this fringe-ish outerwear, plus it keeps me warm!


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