May 23, 2016

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Lack of Color hat | H&M turtleneck, skirt & trench coat | ASOS boots

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I’m a huge fan of turtleneck, whether it’s in long sleeves, short sleeves and even sleeveless. Today I’m wearing my sleeveless turtleneck paired with light grey trench coat.  I love the comfort of sleeveless top, but at the same time I’m traumatised by the unpredictable weather in Tokyo. (It was so windy and cold the night before). So today, I’ve learned my lesson and brought this trench coat as safekeeping plus it makes the overall look much better!

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My favourite accessory piece is this grey hat from lack of color. There are a lot of fedora hats that lose it’s shape and turns to a flappy hat. But not this one.  Simple tips: always bring a hat during your travel. It will save you from a bad hair day!

grey hat 12 grey hat 14 grey 1grey hat 17 grey hat 18 grey 2grey hat 19 grey 3

One thing I love about travelling is being able to enjoy the outdoors and walk about on the streets. Being able to blend in with the locals is such a delightful feeling. Sometimes I wonder, what I would do if I lived in this city? Well, no harm in day dreaming. Kalvin said we look like a Japanese couple strolling around town. I guess I felt that way too. Can’t wait to stroll around Japan again. See you girls on the next post!


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