August 9, 2016

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Pomelo hat | Her Velvet Vase jumpsuit | Chloe bag | Zimmerman shoes

Throughout 2016, I have seen a lot of fashion trends that lean toward the ever-fluffy and playful pom-pom. While walking towards welcoming the fall season, I think it’s a great idea to dig out a fashion item that make a comeback from the 90s: pom-pom hat.

Perhaps taking cues from the fact that almost everything-cool-in-90s is reviving, pom-pom hat also sways its way in – although it is not as popular as chokers. There are different types of pom-pom trends like shoes, bag charms, purses, and many more; but since beret is one of my favourite fashion items, I chose the one with (almost) beret hat style and a touch of wooly fur on top of it. I love how pom-pom hat keeps things casual and edgy at the same time.

I took out a neutral-hued pom-pom hat to pair it up with turtleneck and striped overalls. To oomph it up a little, I chose to go with Zimmerman gladiators and red purse from Chloe.

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