August 5, 2016


As I was preparing for my wedding, I dig out a stack of old photographs and leafed through the pile. I saw my childhood through schools, daily life, birthday parties, and more.

I wanted to take out only some photos with me, but I ended up flipping from one page to another. Until I realised that there were only so many people in those pictures who are still present in my life today.


That is a tough question. There is never a formula to count an exact number of friends. How can we measure friendship anyway? In my case, I’d think of the number of friends on my social networking sites, professional area, childhood, high school, university, and churches. When I think of that, I might say that I have quite a lot of friends.

But do I, really?

I often wonder what the real definition of friendship to the world these days. Since the looming of social media, our definition of friendship varies. Some people might know things about other people from their feeds: their new relationship, wedding days, vacations, food, and latest joke they heard. These things can be summed up at our fingertips.

Another friendship definition might be the ones we see on a regular basis – where our conversations are about jobs, meetings, vacations, and weather. We might exchange stories on personal relationships or even career advices.

And yet, who among all these people would know when we are feeling down? Who would challenge us in our mistakes and cheer us in our accomplishments?

Personally, I thank God I found these girls. These are the people who stick with me through thick and thin. We have been friends for more than 7 years – which according to science, we will bring this friendship to the rest of our lives. Finger-crossed.

Apart from being crazy together, they are also the ones who has been an integral part of my life in daily basis. We share our achievements and disappointments together – and most importantly, we challenge each other to become better persons. We are real, transparent, and authentic. All of us bear different scars and none of us is perfect. It is okay, because at the end of the day, we’ll pick each other up.

Today I will be sharing one of the best parts of our friendship (yet): my bachelorette trip to Seoul (watch the first part right here) This is us when we are together: the transparent, crazy, and ridiculous part of us.

During this trip, we skipped most of the tourist sites and went straight to shopping places, food stalls, and restaurants. Seoul has a lot of nice places to hangout. They has nice pedestrian street so we actually didn’t mind walking quite a distance there. We headed to different districts like Apgujeong, Gangnam, Myeong Dong, and other places to try out cool coffee shops and dessert places.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy a glimpse of our friendship and also the travel vlog!

Photo by Musa Gunawan from Sweet Escape

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