Basic White Shirt

October 12, 2014

white shirt

Number 61 Shirt | Esme Gallery Skirt | Vereline Coat

Decided to spare some time to create an outfit update in the midst of tiredness. I had a really intense weekend which was full of weddings! Just got back from Surabaya this afternoon and had to rush myself to another wedding ceremony. I need to breathe. I will be in a very deep sleep in about 15 minutes from now and got a lot of things to do tomorrow!! My life is filled with meetings, emails, writings, photo shoots……. and many other things. I feel like my head is going to explode anytime soon. There are too many stuff to handle myself. Sticky notes are my helpful hero.

Moving on to the title of this article, how do you usually wear your basic white shirt? There are a lot of looks that can be created from this basic piece! Which is super amazing. It is like a must have items for men and women in their closet. You can pair basic white shirt with anything you want, according to the occasion. I was in the mood for smart-casual look lately. I decided to choose a very feminine and elegant jacquard skirt to shlep along the coat. Since there is no Fall season in Jakarta, you can play with some fall / winter items and modified the overall look to our weather!

white shirt white shirt white shirt white shirt white shirt white shirt


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