March 8, 2018


Brixton hat | Chlorine Clothe outerwear & pants | Omega watch | Louis Vuitton bag | Senso shoes

When I browse through some channels for fashion inspiration, I realized how huge brands like Louis Vuitton has been focusing to – not only pretty and elegant fashion, but more importantly, empowering fashion. Which basically means that women should be able to express themselves as they are, unapologetically.

Related to my personal style, I always describe it as elegant and feminine – but to be honest, as I am rooted more in this industry, I feel like I am ready to explore and stretch my style according to how I feel. So for my outfit of the day, I chose this matching suit and pants showing a balanced composition of classic and modern look. I layered it with a white turtleneck and finished the look with suede ankle boots, beret hat, and sling bag.



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