Chapter 3 – First Date (pt.2) #111LoveStory

September 2, 2015

Previously on Chapter 2, I purposely arrive late on our ‘first date’ as an act of revenge. But I haven’t received any news from him for a while and it got me slightly worried. Maybe I took it too far. And now, I am walking as fast as my new heels could take me. 

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Arriving hastily at the restaurant, there were already several people before me waiting to be seated. As I patiently waited for my turn, I quickly notice that the place was packed. Pretty normal for a Saturday noon provided that there is nothing else better to do in this city. My ankles are already aching from all the fast walking and new heels. Luckily, shortly after I was warmly greeted by the well-mannered receptionist.

 “Good afternoon Miss. How can I help you today?”, she said with a slightly broken English.

“Reservation under Mr. K*****, please.” I replied.

 “Okay, please wait a moment.” Her fingers scanned the list on the table, flipping the page after reaching the bottom. And after turning back and forth between a few pages, she replied,  “I’m sorry Miss, but that name is not on our list.”

 I felt a drop in my stomach. “Great.”, I sarcastically said to myself. My ankles are hurting, and now I can’t find him here. He haven’t replied to my messages ever since I left the car and I’m starting to hate myself for coming late. Note to self: Karma is a bitch.

 “I’ll look for him inside.” I told the receptionist and she told me that she would help me find my ‘friend’. So I followed her in, passing the other waiting guests. To be completely honest, I actually wanted to find him myself to avoid any embarrassment if he had already left. 

 The restaurant was full and crowded which made it harder to spot this guy. We walked past several tables, and I kept my eyes opened for anyone whom I presume would wear something one would classify as a fashion disaster. All the while, I kept insisting to the receptionist that I will look for him myself. At this point, I’m starting to feel more nervous and embarrassed. What if he really already left? It’s been more than an hour and a half. Any normal person would. I would. Damn me and my not-so-well-planned revenge.

Alas, from a distance I spotted a lone guy sitting on a table for two. As I walked closer, I noticed something on his left ear. What are those? Are those earrings? What year is it? O-M-G. That is him. At that moment, I felt both relieved and disgusted. It was actually quite a confusing mix of emotion. The thought of turning around and pretended to have not seen him actually came across my mind.  But he saw me and gestured towards the empty seat next to him.

I thanked the receptionist and walked towards the table. 

“Hi. Sorry for being late. The traffic is so bad.” I lied. 

 His face was without any expression. I think he is upset. 


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  1. “I kept my eyes opened for anyone whom I presume would wear something one would classify as a fashion disaster.” This part tho :))