April 28, 2016

Hi loves! Sorry for the long hiatus! I’ve been so busy with a lot of stuff including my Pre-wedding photoshoot in Japan last week. I went to Tokyo on 15 April 2016 to have a photoshoot with AkuAha from Axioo. There’s plenty of stories to tell, the good and the bad. But right now I want to share with you my first day in Tokyo.


It was the day before the photoshoot so we had the chance to explore Tokyo a bit. All of us were so tired from the travel the night before and slept until noon and didn’t leave the room until 1 PM. I’m pretty sure we skipped breakfast.. And lunch.

Our luggages were so heavy, and we had to drag it through Shibuya from the train station. I think in all we were carrying more than 130 kilos of stuff!! Talk about Iron Man Challenge.

We chose Shibuya area because of its nightlife and attractions! And oh my were we right. The small downside is the love hotels sprawling in the neighbourhood, but the location is just perfect. And to be honest, we felt very safe. But I think that is true everywhere in Japan. There’s tons of highly rates restaurants and shopping district just a few steps away. If you are visiting Tokyo and would like to stay around Shibuya, you might want to check this Airbnb! That’s where we stayed! But please note that the bathroom is very small! And this is coming from someone who wears XS!

tokyo11 tokyo10

We decided to stroll around Shinjuku area later in the afternoon. We found ‘OIOI Department store’ by accident and bought a lot of stuff from there. You’ll be surprised that price is just too good to be true. I bought Givenchy neckerchief for ¥1000 each. How crazy is that! This is definitely a great place to buy gifts for friends and family.

tokyo9 tokyo21 tokyo12 tokyo15

The weather was very chilly so I always bring an outerwear. I got a lot of questions about my coat in this picture. I made it myself with DIY Piece from Bershka. All I have to do is just iron them until the glue melts and it will stick to the clothes.

tokyo20 tokyo19 tokyo18 tokyo17 tokyo16tokyo23

Later at night, we had dinner at this amazing traditional location called Omoide Yokocho aka. ‘Piss Alley’ in Shinjuku. This is a must-go-to place for every each of you who are visiting Tokyo!!There’s tons of good food in this area. The size of each restaurants are very pretty tiny, maybe only 15 people max. But the locals eat really fast, but big groups might have trouble finding spots to sit together. I had the best soba in my entire life! It is different than what I’ve tasted before. I swear I could’ve eaten a few portions if I didn’t have to get into my dresses tomorrow!

Anyway, that was my first day in Tokyo! We had so much fun already and can’t wait to explore more of this amazing city! Time to rest and wake up at 5 AM for the photoshoot.

tokyo22 tokyo13  tokyo14 tokyo3 tokyo2 tokyo1 tokyo8 tokyo5 tokyo4 tokyo7


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  1. Salah tulis tanggal ci, kok 15 oktober 2016(di paragraf pertama)? hehehehhee…jangan jangan itu ur wedding date ya…hehehhehe