March 4, 2018


For some people, traveling with the in-laws is a pain. That is probably why I got some questions asking a lot of questions about my year-end trip with my in-laws to the U.S.

I have to be honest, my in-laws are the best in-laws anyone could ever ask. They are the ultimate figure of mentors, but they are super chill as well. So I can hardly pinpoint the exact tips on how to travel with them (I know they are amazing!)

But if I really have to point, here are the four tips to travel with in-laws.


Before your trip, get to know your in-laws better. If for some reason you have a hard time getting closer to them, just ask your partner about the things they did in the previous family trip. Are they the shopping type or the nature type? Did they spend a lot of time in the hotel or walking around? Do they love walking or do they need a transport? What type of cuisine do they like?

Knowing your in-laws beforehand can actually help minimizing any surprises along the way.


If you and your in-laws are the total opposite, I highly recommend you to stretch yourself a little and find the middle ground. Remember that this is a family trip – which means, this is your time to spend as much quality time as you can as a big family. So I don’t really recommend you to make a separate itinerary and do your own activities (it’s a big no!)

Instead, find the middle ground of something that both parties love, and do them together. Maybe you and your partner can find a gap where you can spend time together, just the two of you – but keep it to the minimal.


Remember that your in-laws are not as energetic as you are – so once in a while, ask if they need rest or if the activities you have planned are the activities that they are able to do. For instance, if you plan to hike, do some research of whether the site is extreme or if they have some rest area. The key is to be flexible on your itinerary. The whole point of traveling together is to be happy together – so eliminate anything that makes anyone uncomfortable.


This is the most cliche one, but I think it’s worth mentioning. I am pretty sure all parents want the kids to be happy – hence, the trip. That is why I highly recommend you to enjoy the whole trip. Be happy (because happiness is contagious), keep the mood super light, and avoid being headstrong.


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