October 13, 2016

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This is it. It’s getting closer.

As of right now, I’m in Bali, and in two days, I’m getting married. To be honest, I still cannot believe that this is happening. In two days, I can call someone ‘my husband’ (Such a big word). Also, whenever I fill in a legal form, I will tick the ‘Mrs.’ box. Can you believe it?

As my wedding day approaches, there are things that I do to rejuvenate my body and mind. Not at all complicated, but I can assure you that these things work well. So today I’m sharing you 6 simple things for my pre-wedding preparation.


….. because, this has always been very pampering and relaxing. I usually go with Javanese body massage as it’s the most warm and relaxing for me.


All kinds of waxing. Especially bikini waxing, I try to get a wax a few days before the wedding day. This is because after a wax treatment, our skin will be more sensitive and there might be risks of having slight redness or even irritation on our skin. A little advice from me: if you plan on having bikini waxing before your wedding day, make sure that it is not your first time waxing. Try bikini wax three months before your wedding day, and continue doing so regularly so your skin will get used to it. Plus, It’s best to wax at least 4 days before the wedding day.


Wedding nails! There’s somehow… somehow, a big difference when we have a nice set of nails. Believe me, it can be quite a burden when we have perfectly manicured nails all the time, but I’m doing it for my special day after all.

Enough Sleep

Dark eyes, headache, and dull skin— these may appear if I don’t get enough sleep. There’s nothing better than a good night sleep. I’ve been trying to get enough sleep as much as 8 hours of sleep within the week before the wedding.

Drink enough water

As simple as it gets, drink enough water is good for our skin. It goes well with sleeping well, don’t they? It’s best to stay hydrated!

Set my heart and my mind

Last but not least, having a clear mind and an open heart. In between the hassles of wedding preparation, it’s easy to be distracted. I have to be able to set my heart to focus what’s most important: I’m marrying the love of my life.

Photo by Studio June

Dress by Vivian Lee

Make-up by Catleya Amadea


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