January 25, 2018



I always consider jeans as an investment piece because of its versatility and never-changing need of denim in the fashion industry. Moreover, jeans have so many different cuttings that actually help create different styles for different physical figures. For this year, I have three different jeans from Uniqlo that you can choose from according to your style preference and body type!




Cigarette Jeans make your legs look long and beautiful, and it’s really comfortable to wear. Cigarette Jeans were created as slim, but not too skinny. It shapes your body without being too tight as of the skinny jeans. I paired this cigarette jeans with a turtleneck body fit for a casual lunch or dinner.

For a more professional setting, I paired it up with minimalist yet modern top with ribbon accent on it.

Cigarette jeans are more universal, but it is perfect for hourglass body type, petite, or slim legs.




High rise boyfriend jeans are right in the middle of feminine and boyish, but one thing about slim boyfriend jeans is that they are casual. So pairing it up with a white T shirt and a denim jacket is my go-to casual look.

Also, for a super comfy style that you might want to wear as an airport outfit, you can pair the jeans with an oversized hoodie and sneakers.

High rise boyfriend jeans are suitable for a curvy or apple shaped body type.



Wide fit is so 90’s and that makes it even more interesting. I love throwing back to different eras with different outfit. So for the first look, I pair this up with a top and leather jacket.

To oomph it up, I added a white buttoned shirt and tie it up on my hips. Talk about another 90’s vibe. And to finish the whole look, I put on the ankle boots.

Wide fit jeans are suitable for tall and curvy women, pear-shaped or round body type.


Which jeans fit you best? Let me know in the comment box which one is your chosen pair to starts 2018!

Jeans by Uniqlo


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  1. I absolutely agree with you! Jeans should be a must-have piece in everybody’s closet. Just by pairing them with the right amount and style of accessories, and by varying a little bit the shape and color on the jeans you can go from super casual and edgy to classy!

    Nice post Olivia, have a nice weekend!