October 7, 2018


Let’s just say that a phone is pretty much everything we need these days. There are a lot of great apps out there whether it’s helping you to edit pictures or book a flight at the very basic.

Personally, I am constantly on the look for any apps. For instance, anything I do manually, I automatically think to myself: “There must be an app for this.” And I believe I’m not the only one here. Today, I’d like to share the apps on my phone that might change your life as much as they do to mine.


For photo editing, I made a Youtube video about it – but just an update, right now I only use 2 apps: Lightroom CC and Facetune. Of course, people usually use VSCO or Snapseed (and I did too), but these are some of my favorites.

Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is perfect to do color correcting with your phone. It has some presets, but most importantly, it can eliminate or accentuate the color that you like most – or the color that makes your feed more cohesive.


Facetune is the secret for the perfect selfie. I had so much fun with this app! Essentially, I can correct blemishes and redness by auto detect faces.


I travel so much for work, so I have to make sure to make my travel smooth with apps like Airbnb, Garuda, Cathay, and Sq – but I have two more apps that I frequently rely on for my journey.


Tripcase allows me to manage and organize my trips. It is an itinerary management app that can save my next travel plan.


Flightstats, as the name suggested, keeps track of all the flights. This is the most updated information for delayed flights – and even more so than the airport screen!


I took Instastory seriously and I make sure to deliver the best content to tell my stories. So in that matter, I use two apps.


For a pretty Instastory layouts, I use Unfold. It looks a lot like a magazine. It has a template, and very easy to use. All you need to do is to drag and drop.


Hypetype app adds cute animated captions to my Instastories. You will be very happy to have this app around.


I edit videos through my phone as well! It doesn’t require much time and I can do this on the go.

iMovie and Cutecut

iMovie and Cutecut are both fun and powerful tools for creating short videos on my iPhone. They are very user-friendly and nice additions to add richness on your Instagram content.


This app allows you to combine a picture with videos within one layout. It is a video and photo editor.

What are your favorite phone apps this year? Leave a comment and let me know!


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