Chapter 6 – THE WARNING #111LoveStory

October 23, 2015


Previously on Chapter 5, Mr. K surprised me on the eve of my birthday with a gift. And as I was waiting for his reply after writing him a thank you message, my phone rang. It was Mr. B.

The phone vibrates with a familiar beat. I am contemplating whether to pick it up. Maybe I should just let it ring out. What am I to do? It seems to ring forever. Having finally made up my mind, I picked up the call.

“Hey, you busy?”, the voice over the phone said.

“Just preparing for tomorrow. What’s up? You’re calling pretty late.” I replied.

“Do you mind if I come over now?”, he asked.

Oh no, not another one. I thought to myself.

“It’s pretty late. Can’t it wait ’till tomorrow?”, I insisted. Hoping to avoid another midnight confrontation.

“Too late. I’m nearly there.”, he said with a playful tone. “I’ll call you back when I’m there.”

I wondered why he asked the question to begin with. I guess my answer was irrelevant and it’s like being forced to do things. That annoyed me slightly.

Not long after, Mr. B came and I received another present. It was a weird feeling. I wasn’t as delighted as when Mr. K came but felt more relieved. Relieved like I just avoided a train wreck. Imagine the awkwardness of the situation if they both came at the same time. I mean they were minutes apart. I am pretty sure they would’ve passed one another on the road.

I had a hard time trying to sleep that night. The thoughts in my head were running everywhere. I have two guys showing interest. They both have their plus and minus. Which one should I choose? I should just go along with it. I’m still single, so technically I’m not cheating on anyone. Right?

Then, I suddenly remember what my friend told me about Mr. K. Before she introduced him to me, she gave me a stern warning to not be seriously involved with this man. She said just to have fun and play around, and that he could be a good distraction. She described him along the lines of ‘douche-bag’, ‘player’, ‘asshole’ and words so explicit that I cannot mention it here. Of course there were positives, he wasn’t a complete weirdo. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

She knew Mr. K from one of her close friend. Rumour has it that he friend had feelings for him and he knew of it. But he  still strung her along, playing with the poor girl’s heart. He basically gave false hope and played her like it as a game. I feel like my mind was about to burst.

Is he just playing around with me?

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  1. Hello,
    First of all, many congratulations from my family and I on the latest announcement!

    Although we have met each other very briefly, I have never had the guts to strike up a conversation.

    I have been following you on Instagram and I think it’s finally time I read your blog haha.
    The #111lovestory caught my attention as it allowed me to take a glimpse into something personal. And I love stories.

    Long story short, I loved how the posts are short and brief with beautiful pictures. As if it’s like a short preview or a short film with you monologue-ing in the background. The paragraphs are filled with character, yours I presume, which I can totally picture you typing this out or you telling someone your love story. I won’t lie, I had fun imagining the story vividly. Hahah

    All the best,