Chapter 2 – First Date? #111LoveStory

July 30, 2015

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Previously on #111LoveStory, I was introduced to this guy who in all the sane world is NOT slightly close to the type of person whom I will date. (Read the full story on
How We Met here)

Circumstances led to our path crossing and I am now considering if I should go on a date with him. But before I get ahead of myself, I’ll reveal why I am even considering it. How, what and why would make me go out on a date with him.

One night, he asked me out for lunch over the weekend. He didn’t specifically said it was a date. But I am not naive. It is plain as day that it is a date. I tried my best to avoid answering his invitation, while buying time to make other plans with my friends for the weekend. But since most of them are in a relationship and are busy with their significant others, I have no other option left. Alone and pathetic, like a grandma with nine cats.

That thought is so displeasing that I have to take him up on his offer. I mean what else would a single lady do on a Saturday? Well, I have a man asking me out. So at the time, going out with him sounds like the best option.

I replied, “Sure. Let’s have lunch on Saturday.” And I was expecting him to offer me a ride, like any gentleman would do. But he didn’t. Chivalry is dead in today’s society they say. I can attest to that.  How I wished I lived in an era where man knows how to treat woman like a princess. And I started to dislike this man the more I get to know him.

Came Saturday, and I was still hoping that he would offer to pick me up. But I quickly gave up on that notion. To vent  my frustration, I purposely took the time in the world to get ready. We agreed to meet at 12PM, but I was still chilling in my PJ’s on my bed at 11:50AM. Take this as my revenge, you un-mannered person.

It was 1PM when I got into my car and I kept getting messages from him asking where I am. I briefly replied, “Will be there in 5 mins.” After a while, my phone went silent and I started to feel guilty. By the time I arrived at the location, it was 1:30 PM. It’s been one and a half hour, and I was skeptical if I would still see him at the restaurant.

I thought to myself, “Did I take this too far? Will he still be there?”

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