January 24, 2015


XSML Dress, Outer and Necklace | Celine Bag | Valentino Shoes | Furla Bangle

It is the perfect time to experiment with layering, as it has been raining the whole month. There are so many types of outerwear to choose, all you need is to be creative and experimental.┬áIt is not always about the outfit you wear underneath, try to focus more on the outerwear you pick which becomes the statement of the look. I am sure all of you are familiar with XSML as they have a lot of stores in the malls. I love the sleek and back cut of the outer. I’ve noticed that I haven’t wear casual body-fitted dress lately and decided to pick one for this look. I hope you enjoy this look, ladies. Xoxo

Photos by Danny Aw

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