January 21, 2015


CLOVER CANYON Dress (Summer/Pre-fall 2014) | Charlotte Olympia Shoes | YSL Bag

 “Sun-dappled olive groves. Prints conjure the landscape and architecture of Athens and the Cyclades, and pay homage to the world-making intellectual heritage of Hellas. Mixing painted and photographic print, the collection takes all of the great Greek patrimony in its purview—the columns of the Parthenon, the marble statues of regal gods and goddesses, the philosophy of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. In this season, Clover Canyon steps into history, and makes it a lighthearted story for today.”

I will be sharing my struggle with today’s topic. So you have been warned that it is going to be a rant.

As you all know, being a fashion influencer (I prefer this term than a blogger) is not an easy feat. Hard work, determination, courage. Leaving your comfort zone and tackling new challenges everyday. It has every characteristics as any other professional occupation. But sometimes I feel that it is very underrated and unappreciated, especially here in Indonesia. To be fair, the whole digital ‘thing’  (as some would describe it) is still very new, and not everyone may fully grasp the whole concept.

Being a fashion influencer is not just about looking good with fashionable attire. That profession is for models. As a fashion influencer, I strive to be a role-model for my readers and followers. It is how to articulate the message, portray the brand image, the character, the emotion, the originality of our style, and much more. It is an art created not just by myself, but with a team of like minded people. Think of the photographer, stylist, concept maker, copywriter, make up artist, model, art director… and as a fashion influencer, I have to take a few of these roles by myself. How do I present new things for my readers, how should I style my outfits, how to create an interesting content, how to produce a good picture.. These are few of the many things that runs through my mind for every single post.

 It breaks my heart that a lot of people who approach me for collaboration or ventures are expecting it for free or freebies. I wonder if they have thought about it this way: “Would they work day and night, putting the time and effort without being compensated?”. I’m sure we all know the answer.

On the other hand,  I want to say thanks to everyone who appreciate fashion influencers. Thank you for being loyal readers and followers. I’m looking forward to provide more exciting things for you! Enough ranting for today. Here is a short quote to send you off.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – R. Collier

Photos by DANNY AW

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  1. I actually love that you took the time to rant because every word you said is true. I see that people who haven’t tried blogging are so skeptical about it and undermine it. They see it as narcissistic people taking photos of themselves. In Macedonia, blogging is underrated as well. I blog occasionally due to absence of a good photographer and due to being a student, yet, I still don’t tell people I blog. ( I don’t like using the word blogging as well because I know how people interpret it)
    Love these photos by the way. The content on your blog is really great! ^^