Lace up at Dumbo

October 9, 2014

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Paulina Katarina Dress | Coach Bag | Valentino Shoes | Prada Sunnies

How do you want your lace to be served? In a sleeveless body fitted midi dress, please. Yes!  As all of you already know, I love everything midi instead of mini. Well, I do wear mini skirt & dress sometimes but I prefer midi over anything else. You probably never see me in hot pants! I only have some pairs of them and wear it once a year (usually for rave concerts, music festivals, etc). Don’t you love the lace details on my dress? You can wear this to a formal occasion such as fancy dinner or maybe just to impress your crush? Black is always comfortable to wear compare to any other colours. I always love to work with different brands and get to know new people. The owners of Paulina Katarina are such a sweetheart. They are based in Bali and so happy that I got to visit them in their show room few months ago. I have to say that this is one of my favourite brand to look up to 🙂

As I told you in my previous article and Instagram, I just had my birthday last Tuesday! It was filled with random situations such as tears, love, and happy laugh. Not going to share the sad scene with you guys. So the things that make me happy are fresh flowers in the morning, quality dinner with boyfriend, and friends who came to give surprise! I am very grateful to have great greaaaat friends!! Me and boyfriend went to a formal Japanese Restaurant in Kuningan area and turned out that they have a really good food! Sat there for almost 4 hours, had conversations about a lot of stuffs with a bottle of wine. I had a blast 🙂



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