August 3, 2017

Gentle Monster sunglasses by Optik Seis | Avgal x Kallula shirt | H&M dress | Tory Burch bag | Tory Burch shoes

I always believe that fashion is a great medium to express ourselves. And just like in real life, there are some people who express themselves boldly and bravely – while other people express themselves rather shyly.

There is nothing wrong about it – but sometimes, people are having a hard time to find their own colors. Either they are too afraid to try, or they think they do not have what it takes: they are not skinny enough, they are not busty enough, they are not beautiful enough.

As someone who has established a career in the fashion world, I still find it hard to believe that some people, okay – a lot of people, cannot see their own beauty. Based on my experience, I have one advice: think of yourself as a canvas. Paint whatever colors and styles you like and it will become personalized. You can always, always express yourself through the clothes you wear. Do layering. Play with colors. And stack the accessories.

For my outfit of the day, I was feeling super feminine – so I layered a ruffled midi dress with white shirt. When I planned this outfit, I thought it was going to be too much ruffles (if that’s a thing) – but apparently after I tried them on, I was quite fond of the pairings. Let me know if you like the look in the comment section below!


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  1. Whoa, your words really hit me right. “think of yourself as a canvas”. I never thought of myself as a canvas, I aways looked at myself and the things I didn’t like as a burden that was just part of me. But really, by looking at ourselves as a canvas we can become whoever and whatever we want to be.

    your words inspire me and give me hope to become who I want to be and to fulfill the destiny that God has set for me.

    Thank you!

    x, Dee