August 6, 2017

When renovating our house, Kalvin and I carefully chose our interior design. We intentionally took our sweet time to meet several designers before settling down with one team. It felt so much like looking for a date for us: we had to be sure we found just the right match. Today, I am thinking to share my points to tackle before signing the contract.


The first question to ask and consider is the process of designing a space. This is very important in order to ensure that our expectations in terms of practices and timelines are a good match. Posing this question when meeting your soon-to-be designers will help to determine if their work style can easily meld with your future plans, and also in order to consider the transparency process and communication strategy.


It is a common knowledge but I think it is worth mentioning again and again: choose a designer whose style matches yours. Designs are not math. There is no formula, only preferences. Designers normally have their unique, individual styles that it might be better not to be stretched too far. Finding a designer whose style matches yours will certainly make your communication much easier.


…But still, hire a designer that has a good flexibility. Remember that it is your house – and you are entitled to have a say on what goes where. A good designer has his or her own ideas and styles of a house, but the best designer is open for any suggestion, concern, or thought. It is important to find someone who is easy to work with.


All projects have a formal contract. It includes the payment terms for services rendered and the phases that go along with the project. Ask for their detailed terms and read the contract and payment schedule carefully and thoroughly.

After all of these points are checked, designing a house should be more fun because you have the basic covered. So scroll through your Pinterest, dream a lot, and have fun!

Photo by Niccolas Gideon

Interior designed by Monoform


  1. I like that you mentioned to find a designer who will be flexible with their designs and idea. I want him or her to have a good solid plan, but it is my home, and I want to have the final say. It makes sense that you would want to choose somebody who will be able and willing to work with you and your ideas. I am trying to redecorate my house, and I have been looking for an interior designer. This is a quality I will definitely be looking for.

  2. I like how you suggested taking style into consideration when choosing an interior designer. You probably have very specific tastes when it comes to style, and you want your home to feel like your space. Finding someone with the right style to match your own would be important when choosing someone who will be helping you create that space.

  3. Thank you for the information on things to consider before hiring an interior designer. I like the idea to choose a designer whose style matches yours. That way their design will be something that you actually like. Thank you for the information I will pass this along to a friend of mine who is thinking of hiring an interior designer.

  4. It was really nice how you said that a good interior designer has his own ideas and styles, however, the best designer is open for my suggestion, thoughts, or concerns. That’s really good. I love redecorating and redesigning things, though I know that I’m not very good at it. Now that I’ve bought a new house, and I want the style that I want to appear in the most artistic way possible, hiring a designer is all I can think of. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  5. Your advice to ask the interior designer about the process they use as well as look at their unique, individual style is a good idea. This could help you find someone who is able to provide you with results that match what you’re looking for. It would probably be a good idea to meet with them in person in order to talk to them about their style as well as the design you’re looking for in order to determine if they’re the best option for what you want to do.

  6. The best part of your article for me is when you talked about how important it is to work with an interior designer who is easy to work with and willing to listen to your suggestions and ideas. At the moment, I’m looking to hire an interior designer that can help me to design our newly constructed house. This is such a personal thing for me, so it will be great if I can find a professional interior designer who will consider what I have to say.

  7. I agree that you want to find out about the process that an interior designer has. It would be good to consider this because it would ensure that they are qualified and experienced as well. My brother is looking for an interior designer, so he’ll have to find one that has a good process.

  8. I like what you said about finding a designer who is flexible to your ideas. It makes sense that you would want to find somebody who takes your needs and desires into consideration and tries to accommodate them. I want to find a designer to help me redo my interior, so I have been looking for tips. I will definitely look for these qualities, thanks for sharing.

  9. What I really liked was how you talked about how you must find an interior designer that’s open and willing to listen with your suggestions, concerns, or thoughts in designing your house. My mother is looking to hire an interior designer who can give her professional advice how she can start designing her house. She has a lot of ideas on her mind which she wants to incorporate into the designer’s designing style. This is to make sure that the overall design of her house will reflect my mom’s preferences and personality. I will make sure to share your blog with my mom.

  10. Thank you for the post on the 4 things to consider before choosing an interior designer. I definitely like your tip find a designer whose style matches yours. That way you know the designs they come up with you will like.

  11. I like how you mentioned that you should choose an interior designer whose style matches your own. I really want my house to look stylish and trendy, but I’m not sure how to do that myself. My vision for my house is heavily influenced by my personal style, so I’ll make sure to choose an interior designer who can match that.

  12. How wonderfully you have stated here all the tips. Actually last time when I re decor my house I was not so clear about the things. But now I can do it better way than what I did previously. Thanks a lot for this great guide!

  13. I do agree that it’s important to choose an interior designer whose style matches yours to make sure that your communication with them is going to be easier. My mother and I are looking for an interior designer, and it’s important for us to choose an interior designer that can easily understand how we want our house’s design to look in order to ensure our satisfaction. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. What a lovely & specious house! This is just eye-catching. I loved everything in your post. Can you please share some beautiful decor idea like this for bathroom interior? These are really good and creative ideas to try or implement. Thanks a lot for this share!

  15. I think it’s great advice to make a formal contract with your interior designer before officially hiring them. It will ensure you are on the same terms before you get into the fun of designing your space. I would love to do that someday.

  16. I agree that you want to consider how flexible an interior designer is. Finding someone who will adapt to what you need would be really helpful. My husband and I need help decorating our newly remodeled living room, so we’ll have to find someone who is flexible to help out.

  17. Thank you for mentioning that if want the interior design to be a success, we need to find a designer who has the same style and preference as us because the communication will be a lot easier. My mom and I have the same ideas anyway, so all that is a left is a designer who can agree with us. I will be sure to be picky about this part because it is our house, and I want to be proud of the design everytime I see it.

  18. It got me when you said that a good designer will be open for suggestions as they know that I am the one who owns the house, so I should have a say of whatever goes inside it. I will mention this to my sister since she will be hiring the interior designer with me. After all, she has been hesitant and shy thinking that the interior designer knows best. I just want to let her know because she has a decorating idea that she might want to share.

  19. I like what you said about choosing an interior designer that matches your overall vibe and style. I think that hiring an interior designer has countless benefits because they can bring balance to the layout of your home. If I were to redesign my home, I would first hire the expertise of an experienced interior designer in order to get the best results.

  20. My husband and I want to redesign our outdated home’s interior, and your article had great tips for hiring someone that could help us with this. I liked how you said to choose someone with a style that matches our own preferences. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when choosing an interior designer.

  21. I appreciate that you suggested to consider the style of an interior designer before you decide to hire them. My wife and I have been talking about finding a designer to help us because we are going to finish building our new home soon, and we want to make it look incredible. When we look for a designer, I will be sure to consider their style.

  22. It’s helpful to remember that we should look for a designer that we like the style of since different designers have varying preferences. My wife and I are officially done moving into our home and want to start making it look nice so we can have parties with friends here. We’ll have to review portfolios and see whether we can find someone we think could help us design our home in a way we’ll enjoy.