March 12, 2015


Foyles Lexie Set | Charlotte Olympia Shoes

This romantic blue lace and asymmetric skirt is my definition of Cinderella on a casual day. It would be picture perfect if it was paired with Jimmy Choo’s Cinderella Shoes. With the upcoming remake of Cinderella, I’ve noticed a lot of designers are making their version of the infamous shoe; Charlotte Olympia, Paul Andrews, Nicholas Kirkwood, Alexandre Birman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman and Christian Louboutin. By far, my favourite is Jimmy Choo’s. His shoe has 7000 crystals and 46 embroidered stones! Sparkle, sparkle. And the magic number is €3,495 for a pair (So Cinderella would have left a €1,747.5 shoe as she was running away. Just saying.)

Cinderella is probably every girl’s favorite Disney princess, and it will be a dream come true to own her shoes! They are all made to order and will be delivered this October. Just in time for my Birthday! Maybe my Prince Charming (…or Fairy God Mother) would prepare this as my birthday present! I would definitely scream my lungs out! And hopefully not lose it at the strike of midnight!

Photos by Danny AW

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  1. Really STUNNING! I always love to read your new articles ka Oliv 🙂 gaya bahasanya gak berat and inspired me a lot! :)) keep blogging and Stunning CINDERELLOLLIVE! ♥♥♥