March 16, 2015

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The Closet Lover  Top & Skirt | Céline Bag | Charlotte Olympia Shoes

I am so excited for the weekend! What’s happening you may ask.. BALI! I have a couple of interesting projects which I can’t wait to share! So stay tuned and keep checking back. Also, get the exclusive BTS on Snapchat!

After a lot of requests and long considerations, I have made my Snapchat public. If you are not yet on it, I suggest you download it ASAP! I will be posting my crazy sometimes hectic routines on Snappy. Don’t miss out! It is so interesting to add this app as a new medium of communication for my followers. It feels more natural and real, without any photoshop or editing.

So what do you want me to share on Snapchat? Write your questions on the comments and I will try to answer it! xox. 🙂

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