Checkered & Pleats

January 19, 2015


Ms. Vanity Skirt | Charlotte Olympia Shoes

Long sleeves is not really my cup of tea but I decided to be out of my comfort zone. Playing with checkered and pleats reminded me of school uniform (Well, it would be awesome if we had this asymmetrical skirt for school). I do think both of these combination is brilliant. Never thought that pleats and checkered would go along perfectly. That’s why fashion is one interesting industry, it always makes me happy to discover new things..

Anyway, I really feel like time flies so quickly day by day… Yesterday was just New years and a week from now we will end the first month of the year. And several months from now, it will be the 2nd year of #olivialazuardydotcom! Whoa time, could you please be any slower?

Photos by Danny AW

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