February 26, 2017

Stellarissa jumpsuit | Lynelle shoes

As someone who professionally dives into the fashion industry as an influencer and a clothing line co-founder, productivity is always the key. Between shootings, interviews, meetings, events, and office duties, time (not money) is my main and ultimate resource.

That’s why based on my experience, I am constantly learning how to excel at making the most of my time – without being a busy-body without any real outcome. While I am practicing it right now, I am thinking to share several things have been proven very successful to maximize your time and get more done.


I admire people who can multitask; but in my experience, I can do things much faster and better if I focus on one theme per day. In my instance, Monday is for meetings, Tuesday is for shootings, Wednesday is for office duties, and so on. Focusing on one theme per day will reduce any confusion switching from one type of work to the others – thus, I become more productive and efficient in the things I do for the day.


Almost all of my works are closely related to social medias, but it doesn’t mean I am on my phone all the time. The reason is because I find my days and works to be more productive if I put the phone away – even for just one or two hours. This way, I can really focus on the tasks I am doing that will took three or four hours more if I do it with my hands on the phone.


It is no secret that behind my brightest day, there are some other amazing people helping me to achieve it. I understand clearly that more brains are always better than one brain – and therefore, teamwork is the key. Even though it was hard for me at first, right now I am learning to delegate and trust the people in my team that I know are the best at things they do.


It is very easy to get overwhelmed these days – especially with the presence of the internet. More information means more distractions; more communications means more things to do. That is why it is very important to declutter which means knowing when to say no.



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  1. I love your fashion posts but i love your life tips even more! Keep creating ci! Btw, do you plan to share your makeup look??

  2. I love seeing this kind of post. I could actually do these in the upcoming years. Since I’m still a student now, I still have to follow the schedule school gave me.