December 4, 2015

harper1 harper2

Vest Playsuit by Harper | Bag by Saint Laurent | Shoes by Kurt Geiger

Wohoo! Friday is finally here. This whole week has been so hectic. Let me recap some of the things that happened. I did a Christmas photoshoot with Nomina and I couldn’t wait to show you guys the result. And I finally did some wedding preparations! It was such a baby steps, but it is quite time consuming. Moreover, I am collaborating with Eclat Story regarding our #111lovestory. We make a music video based on true story! Please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe here!

During my hectic days, I love to wear a simple outfit. What’s better than a vest that is actually a playsuit? I thought this is just a regular vest, but turns out that I don’t need to wear any bottom with it! So convenient.

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