April 13, 2017

Prada sunglasses by Optik Seis | Love Bonito top | CÄLLA Atelier skirt | Materialipstick bag | Adidas shoes

Nothing welcomes spring like a floral printed skirt – especially this one from CÄLLA Atelier.

From the moment I laid my eyes on it, this skirt has been my total crush. It screams fun, edgy, and feminine at the same time. Firstly, I have a (not-so) secret obsession with anything-puffy; be it sleeves, dress, and of course, not to mention: skirt. The trend of balloon skirt has been around and it peaked around almost five years ago. Afterward, it didn’t die but let’s just say some people put it at the back of their closet. But I think this year is going to be different. This year is all about looking super edgy and contemporary, so I say let’s take this style out again.

What I loved most about this particular skirt is the touch of playful balloon style coalescing with super high-waist style. The skirt like this makes me look skinnier and taller than I actually am. Today I decided to keep it super simple and fun – so I threw on a classic sleeveless top and sneakers with a matte red lip so I was ready to explore Bangkok!


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