November 27, 2016


It still feels surreal.

It has been more than one month since our wedding day, and yet today I’m still so excited to share the details with you. After our last talk about decoration and venue – now it’s about the details from head to toe, including my wedding dress, wedding hairpiece, wedding shoes and makeup.

There were two considerations when choosing my wedding look. First, I needed to make sure it would blend well with Bali ambiance and outdoor settings. Second, I wanted to reflect my character and style. These two considerations sounded like no-brainer, but when I actually dig into it, it needed a lot of work and imagination.

For my wedding dress, it had always been my dream to add cape into my wedding dress. After doing some researches here and there, I finally decided to have a cape with volume sleeves. But of course, having an outdoor wedding in Bali, it wouldn’t make sense if I were to wear elaborated wedding dress with sleeves and cape under the sun. So I asked my wedding dress designer, Yefta Gunawan, to make it as a separate piece – a long sheer outerwear.

My headpiece was beautifully crafted by Rinaldy A. Yunardi. It was designed to coalesce along with the rustic element with a touch of nature – like leaves and roots. The colour is washed gold to emphasize on the rustic element and to exude elegance.

Shoes from Ralph & Russo had been my dream shoes ever since I can remember – and to have it as my wedding shoes was one of the highlight of the day. I wanted a soft, distinctive colour that can give more emphasize on the embellishments – rose gold coloured it is.

Mimi Kwok has always been my favourite makeup artist. She always knows my makeup preference well. Overall, my makeup should only enhance my natural face. So I avoided using scotch tape and eye contacts because I wanted to look natural and nothing over the top. Also, the colours of eyeshadows I chose were neutral colours to keep it subtle.

Wedding dress by Yefta Gunawan

Headpiece by Rinaldy A. Yunardi

Shoes by Ralph & Russo

Make-up by Mimi Kwok

Hair by Jeffry Welly

Photographed by Andreas Hartanto & Reynaldo Tjandra from Axioo

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