February 2, 2016


Soulbound Dress | Drama Shoes

I grew up in a Chinese family where Chinese New Year is a big thing to celebrate. It is the only time where I meet all of my relatives from both side of the parents! My dad has 11 siblings, so you can imagine how many cousins I have. Not to mentioned other relatives like my dad’s cousins/uncle/aunties etc. Although all of my family live in Jakarta, I only got to meet all of my cousins during Chinese New Year. Today, I want to share the Chinese New Year tradition that my family always do.

  1. Having big festive dinner on the night before. Usually my family do it in a restaurant or just at home. My parents will invite all of their relatives to come and dine together.
  2. Cleaning & Decorating the house with red items. My mom loves to decorate the house with lanterns and other CNY decorations, especially in the living room area. My house suddenly turns all red!!
  3. Getting red envelopes or Angpao. This is the time where Seniors will give Angpaos to the ones that are still single. Red envelopes are used in the hope of giving good luck (as well as money) to the receivers. Sadly, this year is going to be my last chance to receive Angpao because I’m going to get married by the end of the year.
  4. Buying new clothes! This is my favourite part of CNY Celebration. It is part of the tradition where I have to wear new clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year. I am not sure about the purpose but whatever, I always love buying new clothes lol. Qipao or Cheongsam is a high-necked dresses. But since we are living in the modern era, there’s a lot of model that we can choose from.

My personal favourite is this Parisienne Beaded Pearl Dress from Soulbound CNY Collection. I am always obsessed with an off shoulder cut. This piece is very elegant and sophisticated. And just FYI, all the pearls are hand-sewn! What’s your Chinese New Year tradition? I would like to hear yours! 🙂

soul11 soul10 soul9 soul6 soul5 soul4 soul3 soul2


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