June 25, 2015

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Royale Collier Jumpsuit | Chanel Bag

Last month was filled with lots of traveling, so I’ve been using the opportunity to relax in my hometown this whole month. As my photographer (Danny AW) was not able to travel with me, we haven’t seen each other for almost 3-4 weeks! The photos you see appear on the blog today have been shot by him, like finally! We were hanging at Section 33 Coffee Shop at Elang Laut area. I wore this pretty jumpsuit by Royale Collier  which I think very suitable for office wear. Well, as I work for myself, I can wear anything that I want. But this piece definitely makes me look really tall.

Speaking of which, I want to clarify the perception about fashion blogger in Indonesia. We are not models. Please don’t expect us to have long legs, proportional body, perfect jaw line or cheek bone. We are just a normal human just like all of you. I may look tall in some of my pictures, each of them may depend on the angle, type of clothes and shoes. I am so sick of people saying “OH! You are actually petite in real life, definitely not as tall as in the picture” on our first meeting. Yes, I am naturally skinny, even skinnier in real life (thats what people said). I consider myself lucky on this one. I am about 163cm tall in real life. So lower down your expectation guys. I am far from 170cm!

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  1. I do agree with how photos would influence our expectations on certain aspects. But one thing is for sure, your style is impeccable.

    Left an email for you 🙂