October 17, 2017

This is my birthday month – and just like all birthdays do to (almost) everyone, birthdays give a sense of nostalgic. Looking back, I have been changed for the better and this is my birthday series: I will tell you personal stories of the things I encountered throughout this past year.

I still remember the first time I was invited to partake in Louis Vuitton’s UNICEF project. It was in January.

Let me stretch it back again: so I have been a huge, huge fan of Louis Vuitton ever since I can remember. It has a distinguished style that suits mine. I am especially a huge fan of Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director. He presented his Cruise collection at Miho Museum, Kyoto last May as a tribute to sportif seaside culture. It was colorful, full of gorgeous prints, and body-baring. It feels bold and edgy – and glam at the same time.

But that was not just it. Ghesquière brings fashion to the future while coalescing the 18th Century aristocrat style into the design. That’s how brilliant he is. Rather than following the trend, he creates trends that rippled the fashion world.

By now you should probably have an idea of how much I admire Louis Vuitton. I expect their latest collections and I actually go through each piece thoroughly.

So I guess you can imagine how proud I am to be part of Louis Vuitton campaign. It has been such a huge honor to be part of the journey.

Through our first campaign, Louis Vuitton does not only to offer high-quality leather goods but also they give back to the society. It was with UNICEF, the international non-profit organization to support children in need of nutrition, food, and water in Syria.

Especially the fact that this is Louis Vuitton and the issue that touches my heart for a long time, taking part in this campaign introduces another way of giving back to the world. I will be forever grateful to be invited to this amazing journey. Cheers to the things we have accomplished. Cheers to the things we are yet to accomplish.

Make-up by Morin

Photo by Mr Hendra