May 16, 2017


Lack of Color hat | Love Bonito dress | Furla bag | Aldo shoes

I seem to visit Bali more often lately – mostly because of weddings. But, I definitely am not complaining. This tropical heaven is one of my favorite go-to destinations. A lot of people assume that when traveling, all you need is the most comfortable outfit you can get. In the case when you visit tropical islands, some people bring T-shirts and short pants. Well, there is nothing wrong with T-shirts and short pants, or the most comfortable outfits (and I definitely recommend comfortable outfits). But keep in mind that you can always choose both comfort and fashion at the same time.

So during my last trip to Bali, I pulled out my red midi dress. It’s a simple one, and without elaborated accessories, this dress effortlessly made me feel super chic. Along with its spaghetti straps, it is perfect for the weather and super comfortable as well. I paired it up with my gladiator sandals and sling bag – and finished the look with straw hat and tinted sunnies.



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  1. That dress is very stunning, Olivia! And I don’t know if this is the right place to say this, but I would really, really love to see more lookbooks from you!