Criteria of a Good Web-store

March 9, 2015


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You may think that being a blogger is only about fashion.. That was what I thought too. But now I find that one of the most crucial component is good time management and good decision making. There is so little time in a day and so many things to do. Good time management is key for success, and good information helps make great choices.

So I have been going on an online shopping-spree (Yes, that can happen). And here is my two pennies worth of comments about webstores.. One of the main reasons I have to shop online is due to time. So little time in a day and so many things to do. And a girl has her needs! The best thing about the 21st Century is how easily you can obtain information. Good information helps make great choices. I find it is so convenient that good webstores provide all the necessary product details such as material, sizing guide, and care instructions! This helps an avid online shopper like me to make confident purchases. Unlike a conventional retail store, I can’t touch and feel the products when I browse online. So a honest and detailed information is definitely a must for a webstore. Honesty is the best policy people! And to be completely honest, I have found myself going back to the same webstore (more than I like to remember) after having my expectations blown away. That being said, there are also a handful of webstores that I avoid. But that is for another post. You may have seen in my previous posts that some of the clothes I wear are only available online. They have that quality of a good webstore.

Anyway, now I just have to sip my coffee and wait for the door bell to ring. Please hurry up Mr. Postman!

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