December 21, 2014

backless dress

Tuula Backless Dress | Cloth Inc Outer (site by 82cart) | Max & Co Shoes

A backless dress is one of my favorite picks for a formal occasion. It’s sexy and yet doesn’t go overboard. You get to show off a lot of skin, while still maintaining an air of elegance and class. Many celebrities walk the red carpet in gowns that show off their beautiful backs.

 In my opinion, you should choose a dress with simple front cuttings to focus the attention of the audience to the back of the dress, which is the main feature. Keep your accessories simple and elegant. For example, a complicated necklace wouldn’t be a good accompaniment to this look. Balance out the whole look with an embellished purse to compensate the lack of accessory. Remember to choose a small purse or clutch, as a big bag would be a bit too casual to match a backless dress.

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