January 19, 2015


Site by 82Cart

I’m proud to be born as a Generation Y aka. the Millennials. Nearly every week there will be a new technology advances, and I suppose if someone from the 1800’s was here, they would be in awe with the bizarre gadgets. My phone never leave my side. It is probably the same with the majority of people today. Which makes online shopping very, very convenient, especially with the bad traffic and precious time. A web-store is accessible whenever and wherever I want. Be it at a cafe, in the car or at home on the couch. It is just a few click away. Truth be told, I like how they keep me updated with their latest collections. As a fashion blogger, you do need to be up to date with the latest collection.

I have a few friends who owned a web-store and I was amazed by how they had so much time and flexibility to manage their business and personal life. They say that the system works for them, such as payment confirmation and orders data. One of my favourite web-store is ‘Shop at Velvet‘ which was created by 82Cart. I’ve been visiting their site since ages ago. I love their collection and their super user friendly website. As you may know, 82Cart is the builder of #olivialazuardydotcom and a lot of E-commerce site such as @cloth-inc @sissae @tealabel @lebijoushop @wondershoe @label8store and @palmerhouse

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