February 16, 2016

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Photos by Reynaldo Tjandra

When I first get engaged, people start telling me that this is “the happiest, most special and exciting” time of my life. They always tell me “You must be having so much fun!”. Well, I have to agree. Sometimes, all of the above is true. I can’t believe that I am about to marry the love of my life and planning my dream party to celebrate with the closest ones.

But other times, I find that all the excitement of wedding planning must be a total joke. Because looking at my friends or sisters who are recent former brides, I kind of expect that there are certain wedding planning nightmares no one can prepare you for. Here are some of the things that I was blindsided by.

1. My fiance can be very cool and relax sometimes. He’s just being a guy who couldn’t care less about place cards and boutonnieres. On the other hand, I am a very detailed person!

2. Lots of vendors and items end up costing about twice/trice more than I budgeted for. Poof! A thousand dollars! I wish I have money trees grow on my backyard!!

3. Wedding planning has a way of making the horns come out of the most unexpected people! Some of them may look very excited at first, and later I find out that they’re not being helpful at all.

4. Parents end up wanting more guest lists from what I have given in the first place. Sorting out the overall guest list is already such a pain. I really need to choose my friend list carefully.

5. Perhaps because anything involving money is always a tricky situation.

6. Family can be so picky about dresses, colours, and make ups. I set a colour-coordinated theme so that it will match with the overall concept and decoration. Some people can be very fussy about it.

7. MoB-ZILLA!  Mother of the Bride suddenly knows everything there is to know about every single wedding detail and will be hyper-critical of any direction other than the one she’s advocating.

8. Let’s not forget that the FOG that may have their not-so-easy moments, as well. My dad is very picky about the hotels that I’m going to provide for the guest. D’oh!

9. No matter how much effort I set up for the guests, some of them can be very unappreciative.

10.  Sometimes I end up having consultations with uncooperative, unhelpful, arrogant vendors. It wasted my time and energy to meet this kind of people. But I can actually take it as my patience-tester.

In conclusion, planning a wedding is not easy. Even-though I have my wedding organiser that could help me out, I am quite picky and love to organise things under my supervision. It is good if you are the type who is more relax and trust it all to your EO/WO! To sum up, I am both exhausted and excited at the same time. Coming from a graphic design major, I find it fun to be involved in the mood boards, theme, concept and design for the overall decor. I pay attention to every single details like place card, envelopes, and more.

That’s all for today, will update more on the next article! 🙂

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  1. Omg on your point 4 – that’s so true!! Our parents played the same stunts on us last minute like a month before the wedding and we were pretty frustrated trying to reorganize the guest list. HAHAHA!

    Happen to stop at your blog after searching for Alpha Light Hair Removal reviews and I’m in love with your photos 🙂

    Hope your planning is proceeding smoothly hun!

    xoxo, Aldora
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