May 7, 2017

Lack of Color hat | Dita sunglasses by Optik Seis | Made in Eaven top | Love Bonito skirt | Fendi bag | Zara shoes

Those people who have traveled with me know this fact well: I am very sensitive to cold. My best friend-slash-ex-business partner, Irene has the same problem. So it was lucky for us that whenever we traveled together, we tried to get warm together. We turned the hotel AC off and we layered the clothes. Even though we are not working together anymore at the moment, she is still one of my best travel buddies.

Anyway, as I went to Japan several weeks ago, it was super chilly (well, at least for me). Nonetheless, I tried different ways to style and layer my summer pieces. In a sense, this is one of the most exciting things I feel when traveling in cold weather: layering. I love how I can get super creative and still feel super comfortable at the same time. For this look, I wanted to put a strong emphasize on my pleated skirt. So I layered a white top over a turtleneck. I loved how the turtleneck had a thicker knit around my neck. Lastly, I completed the look with open-toe booties, sling bag, sunnies, and fedora hat.