May 9, 2017

Oysho hat | Uniqlo turtleneck | Pomelo dress | Love and Flair outerwear | Prada bag

When you think of updating your look, you might think of buying new fashion items. Well, it’s true – but it’s not the only way. Fashion items are as creative as the one who wears it. The smallest change, such as half-tucking your shirt, can make a huge difference. But today, I’d like to emphasize on my favorite, easiest, and cheapest way of updating my look: layering.

Personally, I think layering is the key. I styled this (probably, overused) turtleneck sweater with a midi dress. This way, apart from updating my look, I can also wear my pretty dresses in cold weather. For the statement pieces, I think tinted sunnies are still one of the coolest accessories this year – and I added the classic beret hat. To finish off the look, I chose to put on my boots and add another layer of a trench coat.


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