June 18, 2017

As of right now, I am at Tasmania with Kalvin. It is super cold here in Australia – so my mind wanders to my last trip where I got too much of Vitamin Sea: the trip to Pulo Cinta. When I posted my trip to Pulo Cinta, a lot of people dropped questions about how to get there and all the details – so I’m thinking to share this one with you.

What is Pulo Cinta?

Pulo Cinta is a tropical resort – often known as Maldives Van Gorontalo – located in Gulf of Tomini, Gorontalo, Indonesia. It is called Pulo Cinta (Love Island) because it is shaped like a heart from the aerial view.

How to get there?

My starting point was from Jakarta, Indonesia. We began our trip with a flight to Jalaluddin Airport at Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was a three-hour flight. There are more than 30 flights by domestic airlines available every day.

As soon as we got there, we got to a two-hour road trip to Boalemo Regency. The ride will be along the small town of Gorontalo so it was the perfect time to enjoy the city view. From Boalemo Regency, we departed the harbor by boat that took us to Pulo Cinta.

How long does it take to get there?

It was three-hour flight plus two-hour road trip plus 25 minutes boat trip, so from Jakarta to Pulo Cinta, it took around five and a half hours.

How about the resort?

The resorts are built above the water surrounding the island. So to go to our villas, we had to go through the white sand and water and then got on the bridge to our villas. There are three types of villas available: one bedroom villa, two bedroom villa, and three bedroom villa. All of them accommodate spacious living area, 40″ LED TV with international channels, fresh water shower, Wi-Fi and built-in audio system.

What kind of activities available there?

Pulo Cinta is the perfect place to visit whether it is with your family or friends, or during your honeymoon trip. You can take your sweet time for a leisure; while there are activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. When I went there I explored the island and visited Suku Bajo.

How long were you there?

I spent 4 days and three nights.

How much does it cost?

It varies. It depends on your traveling price and seasons.

Additional things to know:

There is no AC in the villas, but personally, overall it was the perfect temperature. The fresh water supply was also quite limited so it’s always better to be wise when using the water.

Is it worth it?

For more information or easier bookings, you can go to Travelio! 🙂