July 24, 2016

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Chloe by Optik Seis sunglasses | Zara top & skirt | Red Eye choker | Valentino bag | Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Sunday evening. It always feels like the most peaceful day of the week – but at the same time, low-vibed. Probably because it is less than 24 hours left before we have to start our week all over again. Talk about the pressure and responsibilities we are about to face.

Ever since quite a while ago, I decided that I don’t want to end my weekends dreading the Mondays, and I don’t want to start my week longing for another weekend. So I came up with some routines that will improve my mood to welcome the upcoming weekdays.

While everybody is different, and everybody has different ways of dealing with the upcoming weekdays, but in case you are looking for suggestions, I hope you’d find these Sunday evening routines helpful:


Sometimes – well, strike that – every weekend feels like the most anticipated, and yet, shortest days of the week. So I used to juggle up everything I want to do and hang out with all the people in the world through weekends. But these days, I have learned to slow down my pace a little, and start relaxing; because I have learned that if I don’t put a brake on Sundays, I’d drain my upcoming weekdays. So slowing down is the first key to embracing my days.


‘To slow down’ means different for everyone. Some people prefer staying at home, listening to music, and take a nap; as of for me, I hang out with my closest circle. Sometimes it means only Kalvin and I, sometimes it means my church friends and I – and sometimes it means my dog Chanel and I. Find out what slowing down means to you and replace my second point if it works differently for you.


My days are occupied with a lot of beauty and hair products; so Sundays are the time to rejuvenate my body and skin. Sometimes I go to beauty salon and book a spa day; but mostly I do it at home – by myself. It is simply because at home, I can really take my time to enjoy the evening. So I take off my makeup, wash my hair, put on my face mask.


This can mean as simple as drink more water (but it doesn’t only apply on Sundays of course), but for me, I also grab some fruits. During weekdays I rarely have the time to pamper myself with healthy food like this, so Sundays are the perfect time to do so.


Lastly, I expect something great to happen. It doesn’t have to be super deep and meaningful like to change the world or something like that. It simply means that I am excited over little things – like I’m looking forward to my friends’ birthday dinner on Wednesday, or an upcoming meeting on Tuesday, anything. I let myself make an excuse to be excited over something really small. This certainly helps me to face my Mondays.

So, share with me. What’s your routine to boost up your mood on Sundays and for the week to come?

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  1. Loving your style in this post!
    Especially the skirt, is so cute omg <3
    Anw, can't agree more with you about expecting the smallest thing that would happen on the next week!
    I use that trick also 😉
    Oh, and eat my favorite snack on Sundays to boost up my readiness towards the upcoming Mondays <3

    Kisses from Tokyo,