December 8, 2017

Gentle Monster sunglasses by Optik Seis | Mango top | Mango skirt | Mango outerwear | Mango clutch | Zara shoes

The beauty of winter for fashion girls is that we can layer. So winter excites me in so many ways. But I understand that some people can find it challenging to dress up in winter.

First, of course we’d like to stay warm. Second, we’d like to be as comfy as possible. So adding the third element of ‘being chic’ can sometimes be a little too much. So today, I’d like to share my layering 101 for winter holiday – assuming that we are crossing off really, really cold places like Antarctica.


The base layer is your next-to-skin layer – so this is the most important one. The base layer should be insulative and warm but also dry. This means if you sweat during the day, your base layer should remain dry allowing you to stay warm. Ideally, the base layers are merino wool, silk, or polypropylene – but please note to never ever use cotton as a base layer.

For my winter holiday, I usually bring three colors of the heattech top: white, black, and grey – so that I can pair it up with anything depending on the style I aim for the day.


Over your base layer is the mid layers. You can go two ways with the mid layer. If the weather is not too cold, like around 5 to 15 degree C, then you can go anyway you want with the mid layer. It’s as if you are wearing your normal outfit on top of the base layer. For instance, you can go with a dress or another top and skirt. Anything would be just as fine. But if the weather is colder, you can go with a sweater and jeans on top of the base layer.


Then the last part is the outer layer. Again, depending on the temperature, if the weather is not too cold, you can always go for a stylish trench coat or a coat in general. But if the weather is gold, you might want to layer your outfit with another cover like a vest or a jacket with a really thick and heavy garment – before you go for another layering of a shell coat. The most important thing to note when choosing an outer layer for a really cold destination is to choose your coat one size bigger than it should; because you are about to have a lot of layers below your outer layer.