March 16, 2017

H&M headband | Gucci sunglasses by Optik Seis | ZARA dress & outerwear | Fendi bag | Adidas shoes

As the 70’s trends are emerging back, denim is making its debut everywhere. It’s true that I rarely wear jeans as my daily outfits, but now I find more and more types of denim worn on top or as outerwear rather than just on the bottom. Personally, I think denim is super versatile and comfortable but it still manages to look crisp and fitting.

For my outfit of the day, I styled my outfit with a denim trench coat. I am currently crushing on this one because it makes my overall outfit looks super effortless and pulled together. A lot of people assumes that wearing a long coat makes your legs look short, but I have one tip to counteract that: choose the perfect length. For me personally, I suggest choosing coats with the length that hits below the knees or longer to create that cool and effortless effect.

Adding some spice, I paired it up with hair accessories, sling bag, and sneakers – but to add a real accent, I choose to put on bold colored lipstick.