June 13, 2016

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Vest, skirt, sneakers by Kenzo

 I wear vest a lot but this loose-fit waist coast successfully stolen my heart. Double Breasted Waistcoat is such a new thing for me but I always love to expose myself to different things. The deep V-neck with two buttoned closure makes it so versatile. It can be worn as a dress, and look great as it is. Never thought that a waistcoat would make a great investment for the Summer! I guess my typical summer outfit will need to sit in my closet for a while. Anyways, I wanted to show a little bit of color in this look, so I paired a printed A line skirt underneath. Yes, just a subtle details is more than enough!

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My version of a perfect summer rendezvous is to hunt for Gachapon. I always thought that Gachapon is only for kids but I got addicted as soon as I entered a coin in that machine!! I hate the fact that I couldn’t choose on which items to get but that is actually the fun part. And obviously that is how they make money. I would keep trying and spend all of my coins to get the specific toy that I want. But this is just one of my favorite things to do in Japan. What is going to be my next adventure with Kenzo? Stay tuned for the next series!

Photo by Deby Sucha

I am so looking forward for the Kenzo store reopening at Plaza Indonesia!


Plaza Indonesia Level 1/ #147-151, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30, Kota Jakarta Pusat.

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