September 22, 2015

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 As all of you may know from my Instagram, I was in Bali for the week. My team and I were doing a project with Lifestyle Retreats Group which I will share in the articles to come. I am personally not a light traveller and loves to prepare for every little details. From manicures, wardrobe, skin care routine, and getting rid of unwanted hair.

The first of my preparation was visiting Pink Parlour for my 3rd Alpha Light Brazilian session. Getting my Alpha Light Brazilian done has become my routine for the past few months. It leaves me hairless ever since and I couldn’t be happier than this. Especially while traveling to humid and hot places, which requires a high level of comfort. I used to go back and forth for waxing which is very time consuming. Now I don’t even have to think about that anymore. If you are still confuse about Alpha Light Brazilian, you can read more here.

My second preparation was manicure & pedicure. I want my nails to be pretty while I travel to many places, especially since I’ll be doing a lot of photoshoot. It is so uncomfortable for me to travel with super long nails. So I decided to trim them and make it neat. I was not in the mood for colored nails, so I keep both hands and feet clear and healthy :). This by the way, I did both at Pink Parlour.

Lastly, as for my wardrobe, I like to prepare the things that I would like to wear per day. I brought around 15 looks for 7 days trip. Not to mention the selections of shoes and bags. I was afraid that my baggage will be overweight. But thank God I have a boyfriend who is a light traveler. So I basically use his baggage quota, ha ha. Tell me about your travel routine!! Are you a light or heavy traveler? 🙂

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