August 17, 2017

Topman beanie | Gentle Monster sunglasses by Optik Seis | Uniqlo turtleneck | Lily dress | Avgal x Kallula outerwear | Tory Burch bag | Tory Burch shoes

Guess what my favorite color is! Nope, it’s not black. It is not exactly white. It is pink! Yes, you can call me cliche for having such a generic favorite color, but I love pink (and proud of it!). So when I found this baby pink colored coat, I couldn’t help but to bring it along to my honeymoon and couldn’t wait to wear it (also, show it to you!).

So the highlight of my outfit of the day is my pink coat (of course) that I wear to layer a black turtleneck and floral dress. It was really cold that day so I have to wear stocking and pair it with white sneakers. How do you love my pink coat?